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Biografía Searching for the best role-playing game to enjoy? The answer is right here

Below is our handpicked list of the best role-playing games that are guaranteed to blow your mind! 
Panther Online



Immerse yourself into the magnificent wilderness in the role of a panther. This visually fabulous game will help you improve your skills and customize your character to become the King of the wild. With Panther Online you can
-Customize your panther: Choose one panther that fits you best. Black Panther? Jaguar? Or Cougar? – it’s all up to you. 
-Play online with friends: Real-time multiplayer mode allows you and your buddies to work as a close team and enjoy amusement at the same time.
-Fight epic bosses: Throughout your adventure, you will have to fight against many gigantic predators. Try your best to closely work with other partners to survive. 
-Explore a stunning world: Open your eyes wide before the 3D breath-taking landscape and realistic creature graphics. 
-Become a powerful hero: The more battles you take part in, the more skills you can accumulate. With considerable experience, you can become a hero or a leader of your pack. 
-Duel in player-versus-player combat: it sounds great! 
-Hunt real animals: Don’t forget that you are playing a role as a panther, so hunting other smaller animals is the way to survive. Become the most feared animal in the whole forest.

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Amazing collaboration between PAC-MAN and Red Bull which gives you a completely new experience! 
Enjoy PAC-MAN - one of the most interesting arcade video games for a long time - for free! Try to earn as high a score as you can by guiding your PAC-MAN through many tricky mazes to eat fruits and stay away from a handful of ghosts. 
With PAC-MANs latest game release, you will have a chance, not only to recall the classic with the original video icons but also to experience the modern arcade game with plenty of updated features. 
Red Bull: Make use of Red Bull to energiz your PAC-MAN. Your newly energized PAC-MAN will help you zap ghosts. 
New Mazes: There are plenty of exclusive mazes that are easy to learn but difficult to master. 
Daily PAC-MISSIONS: Give your brain a workout every day through day-by-day challenges. Eat more fruits, eat more ghosts, and earn more valuable tokens. 
Competitions: Every week there is a tournament maze challenge that helps you boost your scores and climb the leaderboards faster. 
Token Rewards: You can earn free tokens as your reward after finishing daily or weekly challenges. Get the most out of your tokens to open new mazes for more fun. 
In-app purchases allow you to become powerful and discover more distinguished features. 

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The clue of this game is in its name. It is an action-adventure game that features a variety of wildlife, plants, and flowers. Even though the forest looks really gorgeous, it seems to hide something “bad”. The player must control one forest's inhabitant to discover what is going on. The journey is an exploration of countless creative traps.  

Over the years, Badland has achieved many rewards. How cool is that? 
Badland brings the users’ gaming new experience to with its motion-based physics combined with impressive graphics and sound. 
With the multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players at the same time, Badland brings you a chance to show that you are the most talented to be the last survivor in the dangerous wilderness. 

In addition, if you don’t like multiplayer mode, the solo mode with more than 1000 unique rounds are available for you to challenge. 
Badland supports Android phones and tablets. Levels and content are updated in the latest versions. 
If you have not heard about Badland, don’t hesitate to access Google Play and enjoy it for free right now!

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Pokémon Go
More than a role-playing game, Pokémon Go becomes a global phenomenon. There is no shortage of Pokémon out there, and your mission is to find them all. Pokémon Go can appear anywhere such as in your house, around your neighborhood, or even on any means of transportation. When a Pokémon is near you, your smartphone will vibrate. Stay alert to throw a Poké Ball immediately or else you will let it get away. 
Hunt Pokémon far and wide: there are some types of Pokémon that often appear near their living habitat. For example, there is a high possibility for Water-type Pokémon to appear near lakes and oceans. 
Evolve your Pokémon in many ways: The higher the level you climb up, the more powerful you become, and the stronger the Pokémon you can catch. Don’t let any powerful Pokémon get away because they can help you finish your Pokédex. In addition, hatching Pokémon Eggs or catching many of the same kind are also good choices to broaden your collection. 
Go into battle for the championship of Gyms: Take part in one of three teams, use your Pokémon to compete to become a champion. 
Beat the most powerful Raid Bosses by teaming up with up to 20 other trainers. If you are triumphant, chances are that you will be rewarded with an extra powerful item. 
Hundreds of Pokémon await! 
Wrapping it up!

Relax your mind, build a close-knit relationship with your buddies, and boost your brain function at the same time. Keep in mind to visit our store for more interesting role-playing games. 

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