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de BamLe BamLe (2020-03-27)


The other two main characters are Andy Way and Patrick soccer sbo, two American soccer players that work for an English pro team. I really liked them. They have a simple, but very effective way of thinking. These two characters, despite their thick accents, are really nice guys.

The final character in Soccer Annoyances is the Argentinian soccer players. The book mentions nothing about how they play or where they play, but they were featured prominently in the soccer season. I am not sure why they were not mentioned earlier in the book. This is one of those cases where the author skipped a chapter to make the end of the book faster.

Soccer Annoyances is not all about soccer. It does talk about the ups and downs of the business and the team. However, it is probably not as good of a book as it should have been because the author missed so many opportunities to develop more unogoal.

Soccer Annoyances would be a good book to read in a classroom. I am sure most people would enjoy it and learn a few things about soccer in the process. At least I hope so.

ISSN: 2523-6342