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Virtual Assistants: Your Business Needs One Today

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In today’s highly competitive and time-pressed environment, it may become hard for you to take care of mundane tasks in a day to day basis. To meet the rising demand for your attention to every little thing that is happening in your workplace, you may find the concept of hiring Virtual Assistants workable.  Also called Virtual Office Assistants, they take care of all your professional requirements remotely from home or any place they want to position themselves in.  Through common modes of communication – Internet, e-mail, teleconference, and social media, they deliver the best output for your enterprise.  The catch is, while you pay them for their services, you do not bother about training them, managing their leaves, or have them on your payroll and worry about giving them perks that you would do with your regular physical employees. Read here to know why Virtual Assistants are a second helping hand for your organization and why you need them today. office.com/setup


3 Things about Virtual Assistants you ought to Know but Were Unaware of As Yet!


Virtual Assistants (VA) are the future for every business owner; they are much more vital to your venture than you have thought them to be.  If you are yet to hire one for your business, here’s why you should do it right away. webroot.com/safe


Benefits of Virtual Assistants

There are several of them to start with. However, what might interest you the most could be summed up as:


  • No time, efforts, office space required to train them.
  • Pay them only as per the time they spent on your project.
  • No overtime to pay or think about managing their sick days.
  • No medical benefits, payroll taxes, vacation pays, etc. to manage for this workforce.


While these are just a few to name, there are a host of other advantages that you can enjoy by including a virtual assistant in your team. And this is beyond the obvious areas where you can cut down your cost of managing a team – rather, this actually means the contribution a VA can make towards your professional growth and the growth of your business.  This includes:


  • Scheduling your appointments, following up with participants
  • Booking your travel arrangement
  • Conducting and compiling research on your behalf
  • Managing tasks that you may not be able to focus on at a particular time
  • Responding to e-mails and also tracking the ones which you need to take up (if you have forgotten about them)
  • Doing mundane chores like creating invoices and tracking reimbursements


Areas where you can engage your Virtual Assistant


Yes, VAs are capable of all the aforesaid tasks and many more. Many assistants also come with additional skills that prove useful to you in the long run; these may be the ones that you wanted to acquire yourself too but were time-pressed to nurture them. So, now that you’ve decided to hire one for your firm, here are a few proposed areas where you can engage them right from the word go:


  • Online Research: This is one area which requires your attention and at the same time you may never have the time yourself to focus on. Research requires patience and the consistency to follow up from wherever you left. So, a virtual assistant can prove to be extremely handy for you here. Once you have shared the idea and requirement for the research, you can trust the VA to come up with a report that is useful, authentic and very relevant.


  • Book Keeping: For keeping a tab on all your outstanding payments, raising invoices, reimbursements, and following up with people your assistant can do it all for you. He/she can also organize your finance reports and manage your bills for you. mcafee.com/activate


  • Managing e-mails: Screening through your mailbox throughout the day can not only be wasteful but also boring and mundane. Clearly instruct your VA to pick out the important mails in the day that you should be notified about and how he/she can respond to the remaining. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on an important mail and at the same time also save you from having to browse through a dozen others that are not as significant. avg.com/retail


  • Social Media handling: Making the presence of your venture felt across social media platforms is important as well as tricky. It can be time consuming and require you to possess special social media knowledge as well. To balance this out, your VA can step in by regularly posting your business’s updates, engaging the audience, work on increasing the network and even compile your social media reports for you.


  • Managing your travel plans: Certainly, taking out time off your busy schedule to make travel plans, book hotels, fix the commuting hassles, etc. may not be easy. With your VA working with you, these chores can easily by handled by him/her. In addition, you can also enjoy great discounts and the best prices in bookings as many virtual assistants also have well connected travel networks and tools and can thereby fetch you the best deals. mcafee.com/activate


Handy Online Tools for Virtual Assistants

To get the best out of your VA without investing on as much, you should provide a few handy tools for them to work with. Here’s a list of online tools that you can check out:

Thus, as you can see, virtual assistants are much more than just employees hired for specific tasks. While they do the entire work for you, you are not bothered about managing their leaves, vacations, or training. So, you are basically in a win-win situation altogether. www.trendmicro.com/bestbuypc








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