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Types of Impact Wrench and their Usage

If you are looking to buy an impact wrench, you might think it is a straight forward affair until you get to the store you want to buy it, such as Geariz online store for Impact Wrench where you can easily buy all of the types of Impact Wrenches listed below. This is when you might get to see that there are many different types of Impact Wrenches. This could be confusing. However, once you know the major purpose for which you want to use the impact wrench, then our guide will help you with knowing which will be best for you. Read more information here.

  1. 1.      Manual Impact Wrench

This can be operated with hand. It does not need air compressors, hydraulics, batteries or electricity to work. They are durable, affordable, safe and portable. They are mostly used by campers and travelers as they can easily fit in a toolbox.

  1. 2.      Hydraulic Impact Wrenches

This uses pressure from under water for loosening or tightening of nuts and screws. They are used mostly in very heavy applications such as huge installations, construction, building, and manufacturing industries.

  1. 3.      Cordless Electric Impact Wrenches

Their convenience to use is making them become very popular. They are powerful, lightweight and compact. They are now preferred to air impact or corded electric because they are great for light to average applications. Drivers, homeowners, handymen, and some auto repairs shop use them.

  1. 4.      Corded Electric Impact Wrenches

This type of wrench is great for tightening or loosening very tough nuts and boats. Since they have a cord, you must use them where you have access to electricity and a socket. They are mostly used in automotive shops, homes, and garages.

  1. 5.      Air Impact Wrenches

These types of wrenches get power from compressed air offering an inexpensive design but very effective for its weight. Since they are very light, they are great for instances where you have to move them around such as in construction sites, automotive shops, garages and a lot of homes.



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