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Zendesk Alternative: Kayako Vs Zendesk

de Kevin Isaac (2018-08-05)

Customer support software has revolutionized how businesses handle interactions with their customers, nowadays there are loads of different customer support companies that provide businesses with all kinds of customer support tools. Zendesk and Kayako are easily some of the best customer support companies out there at the moment.

Zendesk is a help desk software that helps companies answer troublesome tickets and make knowledge bases.  Kayako, on the other hand, is a help desk software that offers you tools, features and many other functions that help your agents give an effortless customer service experience. It is used by many well-known and developed businesses across the world. This help desk software that the ability to speed up your support team members’ work just with the help of its tools.

Today, we will be discussing a few reasons why businesses choose Kayako over Zendesk. One of the basic requirements of an excellent service is that you understand what your customer is trying to tell you by reading between the lines. Kayako allows your agents to see what their customers are doing and what they are talking about. This makes their response quicker, which means customers do not have to wait for the agent to build up an answer.

The second thing better about Kayako is that it allows you to have free collaborations with other teams in your company, this helps you stay connected with all your departments like; marketing, finance, management and product development effortlessly. Important topics can be discussed in private, so nothing confidential can be leaked and overall, your company’s teamwork increases. The atmosphere of the whole business also becomes friendly and light, which is what customers are attracted to. Having a strong communication ties between everyone in a business can also help avoid managerial issues and mistakes from happening.

Kayako also has a feature in which, your customer can switch from platform to platform with the same conversation intact. Whereas, Zendesk creates separate tickets when your customers move from one platform to another, like, from email to Twitter. It forces the customer to open a different app each time they change platforms. This troubles them your agents a lot since they might not remember what they had discussed with that particular customer, resulting in delays and customers getting frustrated.

Another amazing feature that Kayako has is that you can connect more than 700 business apps on it, without any trouble. You can also pull out all your customers’ important information from all these other apps and tools into Kayako, this prevents your team from having to switch from app to app to gather information on customers when needed, saving time and effort.

In order to be able to provide an excellent customer support service, your well trained support team members will need to be provided an excellent support software of the same level. All of Kayako’s employees are working very hard so that your business can prevail and manage your support system better. They provide features where you can train your support agents, before giving them the real work. It’s tools also help your agents reduce the amount of work they need to do and when the workload of agents reduces, they are able to relax and give your customers a better customer service experience than before. Kayako help desk software also quickens the process of finding out your customers’ data and which page of your business they visited more.

Customers prefer dealing with businesses that are quick and efficient, so consider what might be best for; your agents comfort and level of productivity, customer’s happiness and your company’s increase in revenues and popularity.


Re: Zendesk Alternative: Kayako Vs Zendesk

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