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Vaulted eaves
This is a new type of car roof design and occupies the least area of use. Often suitable for use in schools, hospitals and public buildings with the main function of motorbikes and bicycles. The most commonly used material for this type of awning is waterproof, sun-proof tarpaulin with a shelf life of up to about 20 years.
Awning for garage canvas tension texture
With villas or vila will favor using this porch by beautiful design. Stretch awning is a perfect combination of the strong features of steel frame structure and soft, sensual curves of tarpaulin materials. Not only beautiful, stretchable roof using appropriate materials will give very high durability.

Conical car roof
A simple way and often used in emergencies or most temporary, is to use the car roof awnings from the stretch sunshades, simple rain cover.
This design consists of a central pillar and firm, then will stretch the giant silver pieces and then fixed the rope firmly around.
This way you will have the advantage of being flexible and easily removed, folded neatly when not in use. However, in the long term, you should consider the types of awnings above.

With the introduction of the above types of car awnings, it is expected that it will be helpful and support for readers who are looking to make this porch. Readers can choose and weigh according to their needs and purposes, which make the car porch appropriate.

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